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Homes for SE Londoners who want to live and grow now, without spending their whole life paying for it


non-profit housing

for Greenwich


Our Deeper Purpose

We believe that when housing is taken care of we actually have a chance to thrive.


Our deeper purpose is to help let individuals, partners, families and communities thrive!

Affordable needs a revamp  

When you say 'I can afford a holiday this summer' whats does that really mean? 

it doesn't mean

  • the travel company had a sale 

  • you're only taking a toothbrush

It really means

You made enough money this year to go on holiday. 


This is where we've gone wrong in housing.

Affordable housing doesn't mean anything if it's just what the market decides it can get away with. Affordable housing only works if priced based on what we all make.


So this is exactly what we're doing at Greenwich Citizens Housing.

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The Recipe for Caring Neighbourhoods

A Caring Neighbourhood





 Secure Living

A Space to Call


A Community


1) Home Ownership

 but theres no chance for a mixed neighbourhood if the only thing neighbours have in common is the

size of their mortgage

2) Safe Neighbourhood

 but with so many homes either over-crowded or divided-up for rent, finding a space-to-call-home has becomes less and less an option for people who want to stay in the area

3) A Heart for the Community 

but inevitable sold on or mismanaged

if the space isn't affordable or secure

for the community itself

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