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(Fixed goal)

(Active and continuous goal)

We have two goals

• To build secure, affordable housing for the local community, over one or two sites, in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, London.


• To be a community group that is active, diverse

and capable.

Our Deeper Purpose

When housing is taken care of we actually have a chance to thrive. Our deeper purpose is to help let individuals, partners, families and communities thrive.

If housing only goes to the rich or the poor we lose all the human stuff that we actually want from a home and a city. We believe this happens best when we build affordable secure homes for caring neighbourhoods.

How are we doing it?

We are currently a steering group of 9 local people in, from, or near enough to The Royal Borough of Greenwich!


We're using the Community Land Trust model of house building to make this happen. Here's a video on how that works.

We have funding and support from London CLT and the Greater London Authority.

We are in an amazing network of local Greenwich community groups that make up the wider group of

South London Citizens.

how we do it
The Key Ingridents

The Key Ingredients 

Affordable, Secure Living

• A Payable Morgage

• Freedom to Move

• Affordable for the Next Generation


1) Home Ownership


But theres no chance for a thrieving community if the only thing neighbours have in common is the size of their mortgage.

A Community Vibe

• Locally Focused

• Community Leadership

• Mixed Income, Age and Background



A Space to Call Home

• A Right to Privacy

• A Right to Improve

• A Gorgeous, well-built Home


2) Safe Neighbourhood


But with so many homes either over-crowded or divided-up for rent, finding a space-to-call-home has becomes less and less an option for people who want to stay in the area.

3) A Heart for the Community

But inevitable sold on or mismanaged if the space isn't affordable or secure for the community itself.


Who are we though?

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